Crypto Phone

With New Intelligence Crypto Phone you get a protected Android-based smartphone. Whit firewall and a strong private VPN that brings you maximum privacy and security.

New Intelligence Phone is your personal safeguard for sensitive data and communications. It is equipped with customized soft and hardware to maintain privacy and anonymity.

  • Full hardware encryption for your device and stored dataSecure communications through encryption for calls, instant messaging and chats
  • Anonymous online identity with a Private VPN connection (web and apps etc..)
  • Android OS without Google tracking, without bloat ware, spy ware or remote tracking
  • Isolated and decentralized crypto currency support with a verified open source BTC wallet tool preinstalled
  • No remote admin access; NO spy; NO backdoor leaks

With military-grade technology, New Intelligence Phone presents an integral cyber and mobile security solution:

  • Protect your digital data and media by hardware-based encryption
  • Encrypt communication like messages, audio and video calls
  • Self-Defense – circumvent IMSI catcher (stingray), GPS and GMS location tracking
  • Maintain your web and mobile privacy in both, clear and darknet
  • Take control back over your smartphone without remote administration (SAS) or backdoors

New Intelligence Phone allows encrypted calls, encrypted instant messaging, chats and protects your data by encryption of all your wifi data transfer, clear and dark net browsing. Also protects your data and encrypts your mobile data transfer. Allows you to to make regular non-encrypted calls with your cellular provided phone number without limitations.


  • Hardware Protection (Hotspot Tracking + KRACK Leak Prevention)
  • VPN
  • IMSI Catcher Control
  • n/a (unencrypted)
  • IMSI Catcher Control

New Intelligence007 – Crypto Phone

1x setup and ready-to-use New Intelligence007 Crypto Phone Phone A3X device incl. preconfigured firewall1x fast charger, USB Type-C1x silicone protective case1x display protection film for shipping1x anonymous xmpp account for encrypted private IM/chat communication1x anonymous sip/stun account for encrypted private calls12 months subscription for a secure Private VPN (origin country: please select)